What Is a Healing Biotope?

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Note: Unless otherwise stated, the following text has been curated by The Noble Peace Tribe team from “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love,”
by Dieter Duhm

What Is a Healing Biotope?

The word “biotope” comes from the Greek “bio” (life) and “topos” (place). It’s a habitat where all life forms – ​humans, animals, plants, waters and other beings​ – co-exist in united diversity.

The origins of the words “healing,” “wholeness” and “holy” are the same. To heal doesn’t mean to fix an illness or problem, but to overcome separation and restore the wholeness of life.

There is the world that we create and there is the world that has created us. These two worlds must come together. This is the goal of our journey.

Dieter Duhm, co-founder of Tamera
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There can be no humane world without revolution. However it is not a revolution through violence that is needed , but a revolution through insight and the application of the power inherent to our Christ nature: Revolution through taking a determined, non-negotiable stand for life.

In today’s struggle between ideology and emotions there is a problem that always crops up and about which I have often been challenged. Talking about Christ with the revolutionary vanguard pushes everyone’s buttons. Too much killing and lying has been carried out, too much suffering inflicted, in the name of Christ. I am aware how problematic it is today to use this kind of vocabulary given that it has such vile historic connotations. Were not the major religions of East and West used to subjugate people that they serve the purposes of the ruling powers? Did not the most diabolical things happen in the name of Allah? Why would we not renounce religion once and for all and solve our problems in more sober and humane ways? In 1968 I was a spokesman of the Marxist movement and was an ardent proponent of the statement, “religion is the opiate of the masses” because religion was an opiate for the people.

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I use the term “the power of Christ” nevertheless. In doing so I do not refer to a particular religion but to a universal phenomenon. In the current global situation we no longer need religious evangelism but to explore the interconnectedness of the spiritual realm from which we all come. There are discoveries of a spiritual cosmology which challenge us to use certain terms even when they have been abused and distorted for centuries. Christ is an archetype within the collective human soul, deeply inscribed into our genetic and psychological matrix. We all know and love this image even if we reject it.

The divine figures manifest within human beings though our connection with the divine world. All religions and spiritual traditions attest to this, calling it variously “Atman,” “Buddha,” “Shekinah,” “Christ,” or the “Higher Self.” When I speak of the Christ nature in this chapter I have chosen, from all the historical variations, the one that I feel to be closest to the spirit of love. Christ is the epitome of love. Whoever finds the word Christ too masculine can replace it with the “Marian nature” because this is the feminine aspect of the cosmic Christ figure.

The Healing Biotopes project aims for the healing of humankind and the Earth. In other words, it is about finding a new direction for human evolution and a new matrix for inhabiting our planet. Within this vast frame we have identified some focal points, the healing of erotic love for example, raising children, developing decentralized energy technologies, and the healing of water because these are key to our existence. The way in which humankind deals with water, which energy sources we use, and how we solve “issue number one” will essentially determine wether there will be peace or war on Earth.

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