Transcend Economy

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The modern world has a system to sustain an economy
and the economy is supposed to sustain the people…

A greater world would have a system that sustains the people…
and the sustenance of the people would sustain an economy.

Real economy is the result – not the means – of sustaining people.

Sustain the people and you will transcend economy.

Mike Reynolds
Earthship Global
Tres Piedras, NM, April, 2015

The individual stand alone Earthship we have been evolving for so long provides individual sustenance. Now we have observed that there is a certain efficiency in small clusters of people sharing some aspects of the sustenance of life rather than each individually having their own methods of sustenance. We have observed many people getting all of the necessities of sustainable living together in their own Earthship only to feel isolated and alone after having achieved sustenance for themselves individually. We have thus observed a social need for people to interact and be near each other and, in fact, help sustain each other.

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