toes of the mother

through her land,
we meet our mother.
through her land,
we dip into pure essence.
we breathe in the earth, and she breathes in us.
from her womb flows the eternal hydration,
here in this omnipresence we bathe

through her womb,
we learn acceptance,
we learn grace, beauty, love, awe, gratitude
we learn destruction, death, horror, contempt 
such is the trance of the mother

through her land,
we hear the song,
our core tone,
which he makes manifest

our beloved earth,
the seed of which lies in each
what we do unto ourselves is done to her
understand that our nourishment is earth’s nourishment
understand that earth’s love is our love
here and now; 
we are the guardians,
the earth lives within you

One Reply to “toes of the mother”

  1. Hermano Armand,
    Congratulations for remembering your voice.
    It was such a gift to find your poem posted today.
    Much gratitude to you for sharing your art. Keep it coming!

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