Rights for All Beings

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Note: Unless otherwise stated, the following text has been curated by The Noble Peace Tribe team from “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love,”
by Dieter Duhm

Charter of Fundamental Rights for All Beings

At the heart of the charter for a planetary order of peace is the new alliance of the human being with all co-creatures, the right of all beings to live, and the sacredness of life. The following list gives more detail to the objective ethics; it applies to all stations of the Terra Nova movement:

  1. All beings – humans, animals, and plants – have their special meaning and their special function within the structure of creation. All have the right to thrive, free from fear, according to the truth of their nature. From this it follows that: 
  2. All beings have the right to free movement, which they require for their movement, which they require for their development, their joy, and their physical and mental health. They must not be shackled or caged.
  3. The bodies of all beings have grown special parts for coming in contact with the world: limbs, genitals, wings, horns, talons, tails, fins, and so on. They must not be mutilated for this hinders their engagement with the world.
  4. All beings originate from a world of protection and trust. All have the right to develop in this trust throughout their entire lives. All have the right to the fundamental health and freedom resulting from trust.
  5. All beings have the right to nutrition in natural and healthy life conditions.
  6. All non-human beings are part of the great family of life, as we are. They are therefore our friends and partners in evolution.

p. 187