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A living vision is when everyone in a group is on the same page and leads his/her life accordingly. But how do you get there? Is a living vision meant for everyone in the world? Or just for the ones who want to create it?

What is a living vision? – It is a vision shared by a community or group in order to live together peacefully according to some common ideals and values. The vision should be agreed upon by everyone in the group or community. A living vision should also be dynamic and adjustable if everyone in the group agrees that the adjustments would serve the community better. It is highly recommended to have such a vision ready and agreed as a major step before starting to live together.

A world in which all worlds fit: All for all.
Un mundo donde quepan todos los mundos: Para todos todo
Everything which happens to the Earth,
will happen to the children of the Earth.
Todo lo que le ocurra a la Tierra, le ocurrirá a los hijos de la Tierra
Sustainability & Replicability
– Can I do this forever…

… or better yet, ask yourself: “Could 7 billion+ people on Earth do forever the same thing that I am doing?”

Siempre, Siembren
¡Plant your way to victory!
Our journey.
Search: Tamera.

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Recommended Sources

ABUNDANT LIVING in the coming age of the tree, by Kathleen Jannaway.
Properly managed forests, with adjacent integrated forest industries, could be the regional centres of rings of self­reliant village communities. Modern communication technology would prevent isolation and facilitate global cooperation. Such developments would both require and foster fundamental changes in human values and habits and lead to an era of abundance, peace and spiritual evolution.

Movie recommendations as conversation starters about living in community:

Original title: Wanderlust
Spanish title: Locura en el Paraíso
USA comedy

Original title: Et si on vivait tous ensemble? (literally: “And If We All Lived Together?”)
English title: All Together
Spanish title: ¿Y Si Viviéramos Todos Juntos?
French-German comedy

Other recommended readings:

English title: “Ringing Cedars of Russia” (9 book series), by Vladimir Megre
Spanish title: “Los Cedros Resonantes de Rusia” (Serie de 9 libros) de Vladimir Megre

English title: “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love”, by Dieter Duhm

English title: “Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities”, by Diana Leafe Christian
Spanish title: “Crear una vida juntos: herramientas prácticas para formar Ecoaldeas y Comunidades Intencionales”, por Diana Leafe Christian

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