Land Access and Outdoor Access

“How should we have minimized this [“crazy” and “evil” conspiracy theories about me regarding vaccination and the COVID-19 pandemic], either working out with the social media companies, or explaining what we are up to in a better way?” – Bill Gates

Yes, Bill. I agree with you here: How would you explain what you are up to in a better way? BTW, I really hope “your heart is as soft and warm as your sweater”.

“Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, has an alter ego: Farmer Bill, the guy who owns more farmland than anyone else in America.” -Eric OKeefe, The Land Report

The institutional support is set up not only for denying people like you and me to have land access. But now in corona crisis times, we are also being denied OUTDOOR access.

The greatest protest in the history of the world has been ongoing over 6 months and hardly anyone is talking about it. 250 million small farmers are protecting their land and food security of India from the hands of #CorporateGlobalisation #CorporateGlobalization #LandGrabbing

Tell Bill Gates to donate land to organic farmers.

“Gates made farmers replace traditional nutritious subsistence crops like sorghum, millet, sweet potato and cassava with high-yield industrial cash crops, like soy and corn, which benefit elite commodity traders but leave poor Africans with little to eat. Both nutrition and productivity plummeted. Soils grew more acidic with every application of petrochemical fertilizers.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill

What you and me can do

If we can do this for video games, imagine what we can do for truly important things for prosperous living :

Free healthy food
Clean air
Healthy rich soil
Living water
Adequate climate
Comfortable housing
Responsible waste management
Love and community

Here is just one example of a prototype that could change the game if replicated everywhere to form a world wide network:

To get a closer look at The Kindling Trust plans in action, click here.

End note: I believe in restorative justice; not punitive justice. If conspiracy analysis are correct, none should get locked up and must not be given death sentences. Until all cages are empty, there will be true and lasting peace.

Make food tasty & nutritious again by growing its full potential in thriving environments.

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