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The Noble Peace Tribe people value & have most of these things in common:

Suggested instructions for sharing your affinity (or lack thereof) with this list:

One way to work with this list is to copy and paste it into a new document and then mark each item, as appropriate, with an “N.N.” for Non-Negotiable items that you are absolutely not going to give up.

And mark with an “N” for Negotiable items that you would be willing to give up or willing to restructure in order to accommodate other group members.

If you find an item that you feel strongly against, perhaps you can mark it as a “Veto” making sure to share your reasons.

List does not represent ranking.
You could even read it bottom to top 

  • Vegans & vegetarians in transition to a fully plant-based diet and beyond, resulting in a vegan lifestyle and perhaps even a vegan culture (Read “THE FOOD TARGET“)

Living with & as nature

  • Working with nature: she is our mentor, not our warehouse of supplies
  • Taking responsibility, guardianship & care for Mother Earth through local environmental & social action
  • Permaculture & community supported agriculture (veganic) & edible forest gardens
  • “Organic” (agro-ecological), non-GMO, whole foods
  • Earth, animal & human (animal) rights

Living with love & intention

  • Mindful / heartful conception, birth & upbringing
  • Conscious engagement with love, sexuality & the own body
  • Respect & responsibility for each other
  • Inspire compassionate, nurturing & respectful relationships

Living with each other

  • Living in intentional, dynamic, multi-generational, diverse communities (co-housing)
  • Homesteading & living ecologically
  • Decentralization & interdependent self-sufficiency; autonomy in decision making, waste water management, food systems, energy…

Living & sharing same values

  • Honest & non-violent communication to prevent any form of violence
  • Practical education & being fully present with mind & heart, learning from nature, every student is also a teacher
  • Engage in dialogue to learn, teach and act; inspire other people through positive actions, rather than lecturing
  • Full presence, enjoyment & being able to have fun without using any external, mind-altering substances such as alcohol, nicotine and other drugs (Sober raves / Straight edge)
  • Positivity, gratitude & joyful effort in all our endeavors

Living peacefully

  • Culture of cooperation, trust, transparency, giving & forgiving
  • Inclusive to all which are inclusive to all. Compassion and assertiveness towards the ones in transition.
  • Creating world peace, freedom & social justice for all
  • Egalitarianism
  • Contribution & volunteering for the greater good

Living healthy

  • Holistic health & alternative therapies
  • Yoga, meditation & mindfulness
  • Fitness & daily natural movement for a healthy body

Living with believes in possibilities & abundance

  • Independent media & thinking
  • Imagination, storytelling, creativity (original art, music, dance, etc.)

We welcome Men, either biological females or males, regardless of

  • Metaphysical Views/ Religion
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Type of Relationship Seeking
  • Country

Now that you have it fresh and just read it, we invite you to ask yourself if there is anything you would add to the commonalities that the people of the Noble Peace Tribes have.

What I am meaning to ask you is: is there anything else you would propose (actions, values, practices) to enrich peaceful living in these groups of Noble Peace Tribes?

Finally, we invite you to send us what you have created in this exercise by email to: ffff [at]

Let’s stay human.

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