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The Noble Peace Tribe people value & have most of these things in common:

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  • Vegans & vegetarians in transition to a fully plant-based diet and beyond, resulting in a vegan lifestyle and perhaps even a vegan culture

Living with & as part of nature

  • Working with nature: she is our mentor, not our warehouse of supplies
  • Taking responsibility, guardianship & care for Mother Earth through local environmental & social action
  • Permaculture & community supported agriculture (veganic) & edible forest gardens
  • “Organic” (agro-ecological), non-GMO, whole foods
  • Earth, animal & human (animal) rights

Living with love & intention

  • Mindful / heartful conception, birth & upbringing
  • Conscious engagement with love, sexuality & the own body
  • Respect & responsibility for each other
  • Inspire compassionate, nurturing & respectful relationships

Living with each other

  • Living in intentional, dynamic, multi-generational, diverse communities (co-housing)
  • Homesteading & living ecologically
  • Decentralization & interdependent self-sufficiency; autonomy in decision making, waste water management, food systems, energy…

Living & sharing same values

  • Honest & non-violent communication to prevent any form of violence
  • Practical education & being fully present with mind & heart, learning from nature, every student is also a teacher
  • Engage in dialogue to learn, teach and act; inspire other people through positive actions, rather than lecturing
  • Full presence, enjoyment & being able to have fun without using any external, mind-altering substances such as alcohol, nicotine and other drugs (Sober raves / Straight edge)
  • Positivity, gratitude & joyful effort in all our endeavors

Living peacefully

  • Culture of cooperation, trust, transparency, giving & forgiving
  • Inclusive to all which are inclusive to all. Compassion and assertiveness towards the ones in transition.
  • Creating world peace, freedom & social justice for all
  • Egalitarianism
  • Contribution & volunteering for the greater good

Living healthy

  • Holistic health & alternative therapies
  • Yoga, meditation & mindfulness
  • Fitness & daily natural movement for a healthy body

Living with believes in possibilities & abundance

  • Independent media & thinking
  • Imagination, storytelling, creativity (original art, music, dance, etc.)

We welcome all regardless of

  • Spiritual Views/Religion
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Type of Relationship Seeking
  • Country

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