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Money doesn’t grow on trees. But food does! “Growing your food is like printing your own money.” (Credit to Ron Finley) But unlike money, food is something we love sharing with others. And growing food is more fun, especially when done in community.

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In the face of the global climate crisis and the disastrous situation of our food production system, we urgently need many more trees and higher quality food with much better flavor.

Most people are not aware that growing their own food – much less growing it on trees – is an attractive and effective solution to contribute to global cooling. Or they don’t know how, with whom, or where to grow it. Or maybe they are not willing to get involved in something like this.

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Cultivating Environments Full of Taste and Health:
Make food tasty & nutritious again by growing its full potential in thriving environments.

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“It is entirely possible that we could eat an amazing 300,000 plant species. However, the reality is that we only consume a tiny fraction of what is possible. Homo sapiens, which is the most cosmopolitan of all species and one that thrives by virtue of being a supreme generalist, survives, by routinely eating only about 200 plant species. Amazingly more than half of the calories and the proteins that we derive from plants are provided by just three crops: maize, rice, and wheat.”

– John Warren @John_in_Aber , The Nature of Crops

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