Fossil Fuels and Food

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The growth of the population is directly related to the available energy. Around 1850 began the exploitation of oil in the world and with it the technological development that allows to increase the production of food, an indispensable factor for population growth. Currently, the whole system of production and distribution of food depends on oil, in an era of “energy decline” in which we have reached the peak of production. Only human communities that manage to establish food production systems with a minimum fossil fuel input will have access to food in the near future … hence the importance of urban gardens and permaculture and regenerative agriculture initiatives!

Permacultura La Margarita

The Noble Peace Tribe agrees with the last quote, adding of course the 4th principal of “Animal Care” to Permaculture (usually including the 3 principles of Fair Share, People Care and Nature Care) pointing to the route we want to take -along with Food Forests/Jungles-for a thriving planet.