Financing life after and during coronacrisis

While talking about the myriad of projects existing in the world already causing a positive spin in the lives of people and communities, the recurring theme of financing pops-up along with the expected skeptical view on these crazy sounding proposals (even during these crazy times!).

Here is a video, in which I attempt to shed some light on the topic of financing the world we were born to live in. It is currently a private link, since I have not finished listing all the projects, from which I crowdsourced it 🙂 And it is Part 3, because it was supposed to be the ending of a more than 1 hour 30 minute video compilation. I hope all that makes sense to you as it did in my head.

But since the urge of clarity on economy for life after – and during – the corona crisis cannot really wait, here it goes…

2 Replies to “Financing life after and during coronacrisis”

  1. Refreshing and very insightful. A new way forward for all!. Enjoyed viewing this video, thank you. Hope you folks are doing well,

    1. Gary! Will send you a personal update shortly (today or the next day). It is not that easy to keep in touch without using the main social media options. And not very good with emails, also. There are things to catch up on.

      And thank you so much for your comment on that video! Here is the freshly uploaded Part 1&2 (combined in 1 video) which ends with a beautiful connection between forests and the “new” economy.


      Stay safe, alive and kicking!

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