La Coronación

Traducción al español del ensayo en inglés “The Coronation” de Charles Eisenstein, publicado en su página de internet en Marzo de 2020. Esta traducción en español no es oficial y empezó a elaborarse el 25 de Abril 2020. Se terminó de traducir y revisar el 3 de Mayo del mismo año.

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  1. Hola,
    It’s Simon from Leigh Community Orchard.
    I hope this email finds you well.

    Your email has just inspired me to apply for a spot on the “National Day Calendar” website. I very much doubt that my application will be accepted as it was very tongue-in-cheek, but if it is, and with it being a source used by lots of US news outlets, it is possible that it could be a useful promotional tool for Community Orchards everywhere. As I say, don’t hold your breath, as there is a 20,000 application backlog and even if it was chosen, it could be years before it was added.

    The day chosen was 23rd December and was for a ‘National Toothache Day’. It was a suggestion to remind people of all the refined sugar used in festive treats (after all, who wants toothache while all the dentists are closed) – and whether they can help support Community Orchards by substituting processed sugars for natural ones found in Tangerines/Oranges, whether used for a traditional stocking, or by trying a Heritage Apple for the first time.

    Gotta keep chipping at the block haven’t we. ?

    1. Hola, Simon.

      Great to hear from you! How is the orchard doing?
      Indeed a National Toothache Day is not very marketable, but very much needed. Same applies to a Community Orchards everywhere Day 🙂 But worth giving it a go.

      Let’s stay safe, alive and kicking ass (in a compassionate yet assertive way)!

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