Do Not Rewatch The Last Three Years

“Why does it matter whether viruses exist— can’t we just agree that vaccines are bad?”

Of course we can agree that vaccines are bad.

But if there is no viruses, there is no need for vaccines. There is no need for any of the poisonous injections our babies receive. There is no need to fight for “safe vaccines.” Every single one of the health measures over the last 3 years is totally fraudulent. There is no need to be fearful of “lab made viruses.” And that would mean that virtually all of “modern medicine” and the overwhelming majority of alternative medicine is operating from a complete misunderstanding of what causes illness and how the body works… kind of important, right?

There are so many reasons this conversation is important— I’ve barely scratched the surface here. We will go much deeper during The End Of C@V!D

The Spanish flu.

The polio epidemic.

The AIDS crisis.

The SARS outbreak.

The bird flu panic.

The coronavirus.

How many times will we put up with the same story? Before we notice the pattern,

ask questions, and pull back the curtain. We have the power to end this repetitive

show that’s been on air since TVs were in black and white.

We just need to educate ourselves. We need the truth about viruses to go viral. And

that’s what The End of C@V!D is designed to do.

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It’s an online education, featuring 90 interviews, short films, and presentations – covering every aspect of the C@V!D “pandemic” – plus the pandemics before it.

Like a podcast, there’s over one hundred hours of content, organized into ten modules – like an online class.

The breadth of this information exposes the entire field of virology for what it is: a big show. And on July 11th, the entire production is coming to a close –once and for all.

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Note: The text above has been curated and adapted from The End Of C@V!D affiliate resources and The Way Forward Telegram channel.

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